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3131 S Council Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73179

About Us

We started with a direct mail campaign and an answering machine in a closet over 16 years ago. While the direct mail campaigns are still much has changed. We’ve gone from 1 machine to 8 machines and from 1 product to basically an unlimited amount of options. One thing has stayed consistent. We still love what we do, and we think that you’ll see that in our work. Yes, they’re just name badges. But we strive to make a name badge that you’ll want to wear. The quality, the spacing, the materials, the fonts, etc. all are very much on our radar. We still offer our original product (front rotary engraved, no logo), but we’ve added laser engraving machines and UV printers along the way. Our new fave is the UV printed name badge. Unbelievable quality. If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ section or give us a call. 800.943.8289